Saturday, March 25, 2017

Container Store Inter Metro Shelving

We live in a very tiny space. One of our closets in the studio apartment is 76x70 inches, and we are going to turn it in to a bedroom! The 76 inch wall allows for a twin size mattress to snugly fit. And if you don't want to use the Murphy bed in the main living area, this arrangement allows for another option. But in order to do that, we needed to find homes for all the junk that's been piled in there - off season clothes, my printing equipment, and assorted home supplies. Step one was to find a clothes rack that would fit behind our bedroom door, which was a challenge because it's just 18x24 inches max. But I found a nice sturdy Inter Metro Shelving rack at the Container Store, with a really great salesperson who helped us find the components we needed. So when we got home we put it together without too much effort and hauled away the clothes. The clothes rack fits perfectly in the space. Step two is to go through all the clothes again, and purge what we haven't worn within the last two years. I still need to switch out the stuff on the rack to the back of the existing closet so the everyday stuff is out front and easy to access. Step three is organizing the "closet bedroom" so it is pleasant enough - mirror for the wall, tiny stand for the bedside, pretty duvet cover. It's a challenge to make almost 500 square feet functional. Adding on a tiny bedroom to enhance our living space? Priceless!

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