Friday, March 10, 2017

National Gallery of Art Fountain and Azaleas

We are on a mission to visit all the Smithsonian buildings, museums, and galleries once a week on our morning walk. We've been to all of these places many times before, but thought it might be interesting to visit when the crowds are small or none, and perhaps check out the cafeterias and restaurants along the way. It may be more difficult over the next few weeks since it is cherry blossom season and spring break - probably the busiest season in town. So this week we headed to the National Gallery of Art west building for lunch. We entered in the east building, descended to the lower level, and took the lighted moving walkway over to the west side. Unfortunately the Fountain is under repair, so the waterfall view from the lunch area was not working. After soup and sandwiches I wanted to see the Robert Gould Shaw exhibit so we took the escalator to the main floor gallery. On our way out we passed by a few artists painting the art! You could some the oil paints. Then we stopped to see the lovely fountain surrounded by azaleas underneath the huge lighted dome above. It really felt like spring! I have a feeling we may be back sooner than later due to out of town visitors. I'm not much for art museums, but this one is quite nice!

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