Sunday, March 12, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Parade on the Mall

With daylight savings time upon us, my inner clock didn't change. So I got up the usual time, but it was an hour later. That meant our morning walk would also be an hour later. That's not so bad when it is so cold and every degree counts. But it also means we may run in to things on the mall that we may have missed at an earlier time. Case in point - the St. Patrick's Day parade. All the floats and participants were staged on the mall near the Smithsonian Castle and surrounding spaces. There were a lot of fire trucks and police and military, and dancers, and Irish wolfhounds. There were also some South American native costumed folks that must like being in parades! So we crossed over to Constitution Avenue across from the Archives to see the start of it all. It was by no means very crowded, but the parade goers were enjoying the hoopla. Thank goodness the sun shone bright on the festivities below as it remained a balmy below freezing temp. It was a nice start to the morning in spite of the hour change. I am looking forward to the longer days but it seems it takes me longer to get used to from one year to the next. But it was worth starting out a bit later - who doesn't enjoy a parade?

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