Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You Can Grow It! at the US Botanic Garden

Through October 18 is an exhibit at the US Botanic Garden called "You can grow it!"  I'm not sure what we were expecting when we ventured in yesterday. The US Botanic Garden is one of our favorite venues to see seasonal offerings and of course the Christmas trains. The idea of this presentation is to give encouragement and tips to anyone who wants to have a plant in their life. Since most of us have tried and failed at growing and maintaining greenery, some of the pointers were useful. The exhibit wasn't crowded, but it somehow felt sparse. I know the gardens are also doing a joint orchid display at the Hirshhorn which may be taking away more of the attention. Or perhaps, the display is meant more for school kids. Nevertheless, it's always so pretty to walkabout and see what's literally cooking. We are on a quest to stop in all the museums on the mall once a week on our morning walks when we notice the crowds are less and the place becomes ours. But with spring break and cherry blossom crowds it will become a bit more difficult. But it doesn't matter since we have been in them many times before. And since we live nearby it hardly matters.

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