Friday, April 14, 2017

Apple's New IPad

I got my 94 year old mom an iPad about six years ago - one of the first generation devices. She uses it for emails, looks at photos, plays solitaire, and primarily reads books. But she was no longer able to buy books on iBooks since the new operating system was upgraded. Her iPad has not been updated since she got it. She lives in one state, and we live many miles away across country. So I knew when we visited her this time we would need to finally update her iPad. Of course, she didn't want to, but it is such an important part of her life. So my husband and I first tried to fix the problem, but it's not fixable. So we drove to the Apple Store in Tampa and got the newest iPad that just came out, had it set up, and then had to go to her cellular carrier to get her plan transferred. It's a lot of running around, takes a lot of time, patience and tutorials - because things have changed! But the new devices are so much better, faster, and have so many more options on them - especially for sight impaired. She can now dictate her emails rather than type them, ask Siri for help with a lot of things, still play solitaire, and read her favorite books. Unfortunately we are not here to troubleshoot, and hopefully she won't have too many problems. She'll need to get used to the new device, and hopefully it won't take too long. I LOVE Apple products, and I think she does too - even though she won't admit it.

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