Friday, April 21, 2017

Bed, Bath and Beyond Inter Design Suction Cup Sink Center

It's not the kind of thing you would put in a bedroom, but when it's a monk's room, anything is a possibity. We turned our 70x76 inch closet in to a tiny bedroom. In order to make it functional, a few things needed to be added. Once the nine 12x12 wall mirror tiles from Ikea and undercounter battery operated lights from Home Depot were installed, the Zinus rollaway twin bed with RH pillows and throw put in place, and the greenery and painting placed on the shelf, there was about one thing left to do. A small armoire for towels and sheets and a guest goodies basket needed a small shelf or basket on the side of it to house an iPhone or whatever. So we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to find something with suction cups. There were a couple of options and we found one in the kitchen section. A small basket made by Inter Design could work - it was a better size than the OXO item, but maybe not as good as the option from the container store. So we decided to give it a try. I stuck it on the side of the cabinet and waited 24 hours before putting anything in it. Then I loaded it up with a heavy screwdriver and other objects. It didn't fall down - a good thing! Since there is such a huge window in the tiny space we can actually call it a bedroom. It actually looks cozy, and hopefully functional.

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