Monday, April 24, 2017

Ginkgo Gardens Tomato Plants

It's that time of year again. Although it doesn't feel like it today with almost cold, dreary and cloudy skies, the planting season - for us - has begun. We used to have a large garden for vegetable growing in the Midwest.  But since we moved to DC, we at least have a patio with a garden space, and enough room for a couple of tomato plants, and more to my liking - cucumbers. We went to Gingko Gardens in the neighborhood for a house plant last week, and while there my husband found exactly what he was looking for - two tomato plants. They didn't have any cucumber plants so we will need to find them elsewhere. He was eager to plant them immediately and the wait now begins for usually large plants and a fairly good sized crop. Things have been sketchy the last couple of summers with unusual heat, and no tomatoes. So we are hoping we have better luck this year. It's always fun to have a couple of things in the garden. It's even better when they actually produce something edible!

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