Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Julia's Florist in Starke Florida

My dad passed away two years ago. He is buried in Bushnell National Cemetery, about an hour and a half ride from where our family home is. Whenever we travel to visit my mom in Florida, we first stop in the small town of Starke, North of Bushnell. It all happened by chance that Julia's Florist is now our go to place to buy flowers for my dad's grave. It just happened to be on the main road when we first saw it almost two years ago. It started with red, white, and blue carnations, to mixed flowers, to a variety of pretty flowers. We knew the shop would be moving because we learned about it on our last visit. So I kept the contact information and we used it today to find the new location. We got another lovely bunch of a beautiful arrangement and saw her new place. It actually is a family business that was started by her grandmother in the early 1970's. Her hopes are to eventually have a bed and breakfast next door along with the already enhanced business options of weddings and wine. Thanks Julia's Florist for the lovely flowers!

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