Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our Favorite Pond

Every time we take a trip to Florida, my husband has a favorite spot and gets agitated if we don't stop by to see it. In our childhood neighborhood where my mother still lives, is a pond filled with water foul and such. Whenever a car pulls up, the birds all rush to it hoping for a morsel or two. Of course, we are always empty handed. So this evening we drove by the big pond to see what action was taking place. Most of the birds were in the trees getting ready for bed. A couple of ducks were roaming about on the side. The long beaked skinny white birds were in abundance. It almost seems like they might attack at any moment. The neighborhood folks were walking their dogs and enjoying the beautiful weather. So we circled the pond and extended our greetings. My husband wants to visit again, and bring along something as a treat. It really is a peaceful place. I can't say that about Washington DC.

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