Sunday, May 28, 2017

AAA Maps

Yes, we use Google maps when we travel, but it sure eats up a lot of data. And since we no longer have an unlimited data plan, I turn it off when we are on long stretches of road. The Subaru navigation system is terrible, but it is always on so we know at least where we are and the name of the streets. So when we go on long road trips I always get hard copy maps through AAA. I have been a member since the 70's! But I do now wonder why we really need AAA anymore. We have used it for changing tires more than a few times. And in the early days we relied on Trip Tiks for all of our destinations. Sometimes it is easier to just read the map when we are rolling along rather than the small screen phone or iPad. We also use AAA for hotel discounts whenever we can. Last fall when we traveled to California and back, I ordered the tour books but didn't even look at them. I look up the cities we pass through and read about them on line, amd search for food and gas stations the same way. So last week we got a few maps and a trip tik. I really just wanted the maps but I also wanted to see what path they would have planned for us by just giving the final destination. It all seems to different now. I'm just not quite ready to give it all up yet.

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