Thursday, May 25, 2017

Container Store Baskets

When we moved to DC over ten years ago, we had California Closets added to our tiny space. But to make the spaces even more useful, we went to the Container Store to get a couple of small laundry hampers. They have been through the ringer all these years, so it was time to refresh the baskets and search for another container for the new tiny "monk's room" for an additional storage place. The laundry bins had specific dimensions so we decided to get what we already had, but in grey rather than linen. What a difference a small thing like this makes in the linen closet that houses the combination washer and dryer, and assorted other household items. Rather then put things on the floor of the cabinet in the "monk's room," we added a grey plastic like basket to the lowest level so hangers can be stored there until they are needed for a guest - then they go on the rack. Then the guest can use the additional small space to put personal items while they are visiting. I love going to places that have essential and practical solutions for every day living. As for the old bins? I would never throw them away. We put them in the outside shed to keep things neater there too. It doesn't matter if they don't look all that good. But it keeps things off the shelves and organized.

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