Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Foremost Tessa Headboard Tiles With X Seam and Tuft Natural Linen

We turned our 79x76 inch closet in to a "monk's room." When you live in tiny spaces, you need to make the most out of every square inch. A rollaway twin bed fits in nicely - they are so much nicer these days with memory foam mattresses. And with a rollaway, we can move it out if needed. In order to make the tiny room as practical and comfortable as possible, you also need to spend some time in the room to become aware of the flaws. Not having a headboard could be uncomfortable. So I started searching for wall mounted headboards and came up with Tessa padded headboard tiles. We liked the natural linen color with a single button tuft. The headboard set for a twin bed would be too large for the space, so we decided to use four of the six 15 1/2 inch square padded tiles. The set comes with 3M stickers that can be affixed to the corners and center of each tile. So I folded the bed up to get behind it and started lining up the tiles on the wall. It was an easy installation, though it ended up being slightly crooked! I don't think those tiles are going anywhere as they stuck firmly to the wall. The headboard is not overwhelming and does the job. It seems whatever one needs these days can be found - even for a closet turned bedroom.

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