Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gorilla Grip Non Slip Rug Pad and Tape Plus Carpet Tape

I keep an ongoing list of items that we need around the house. When the list gets long enough, and depending on what the items are, I usually order them on Amazon. It's just so much easier than running around looking for them. That's probably why a lot of the brick and mortar stores are floundering. If anyone trips on a carpet, that's a sure sign that it needs attention. So Carpet Tape and non slip rug pads were on the list this time. The corners of the large area rug on the wood floor have a tendency to reach out and grab. So yesterday the sticky tape and rug pad arrived and I went to work securing the trouble spots. The two sided thin sticky tape is not supposed to leave a residue, and it certainly was easy enough to install. The little almost 2x3 foot non slip rug pad needed a bit of a trim to fit under the tiny carpet in front of the bed in the tiny monk's room. To me it's all worth having peace of mind. Tripping on area rugs or having them slip out from under you are leading causes of falls in any household. They may look nice, but are a hazard. Better to be safe than sorry!

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