Monday, May 15, 2017

iPrimio Bedstoppers

When we turned our 70x76 inch storage closet with a huge window and high ceilings in to a monk's room, we put in a rollaway bed rather than a traditional twin size mattress and frame. We wanted to be able to move the bed out easily if we needed to, and the mattresses on a rollaway these days are so much nicer than they used to be. The great thing about rollaway beds is that they are on wheels; but one of the problems is that they are on wheels! If the bed is placed on a wooden floor, it can scoot around if you lean up against the wall while sitting on it. Even though the bed fits snugly in the space, it still moved. So I searched on Amazon for bedstoppers and found some thick rubber pieces that have a portion removed so the wheels can sit in them. The slots can accommodate many different wheel sizes and shapes. So I put the bedstoppers in place and tried them out. You really won't be going or sliding anywhere when these are in place. I also added wall mounted padded head board tiles and leaned up against those. The bed did not move. It's good to try out a space before someone actually uses it. In the end, it's all the little things that make a difference - even in a tiny space like this.

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