Thursday, May 4, 2017

Next Day Blinds Black Out Shades for the Monk's Room

I seem to been having difficulty making decisions. We ordered blackout shades for our studio apartment last year from Next Day Blinds. We had five windows done in a neutral color,  but did not do the big closet window because it was a closet. The main reason we got the shades was that they finished off the look of the windows, they provided a dark environment for guests when the wall bed was in use in the main space, and in the winter they added another layer of insulation. Recently we turned the big closet in to a monk's room with a twin bed, and the black out shades are now needed there. Wouldn't you know the color and brand of shade is no longer available? So we visited Next Day Blinds in Alexandria to see what options were available. We thought we might want to match the new throw color on the bed - predominantly black and white. So we brought a variety of samples home, including a neutral color that comes close to our existing selection. Of course, the new shade is much more expensive. We managed to get a 10% reduction because they didn't have what we really wanted. When we came home and actually had the samples in the room I'm thinking I like the neutral best. The question is either to make the monk's room unique from the rest of the house or blend it in with the rest? It's such a tiny space I am reluctant to have a dark shade, even if it won't be used that often. So I will ponder this for a bit and drive my husband nuts. But I want to get it right for such a tiny place. I miss having someone who used to do all this thinking for me!

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