Sunday, May 14, 2017

Scotts Patchmaster Lawn Repair Mix

Having failed miserably with the first try, we decided to go another route. The patch of grass disappeared near the myrtles tree in our tiny garden and we thought what we bought was grass seed when it was really lawn food. That's what you get for not asking questions. So we tilled the soil anyway and added the lawn food to get the area started. Then we went to American Plant to either get grass seed or sod. We ended up getting a bag of Scott's Patchmaster Lawn Repair Mix. It looked easy enough - but that should have been a warning. It's an all in one deal - grass seed, mulch, and food for new grass. We followed the directions exactly, and watered the area daily along with soaking rain over the last week. We couldn't do much about keeping the squirrels away, but you would think at least one blade of grass would emerge after the seven day waiting period. Not a thing! Since it's getting a lot warmer this week, it won't be the best time to try something else - like sod. We've been told it's hard to keep grass in good shape around here - not like in the Midwest on our acre of land and constant maintenance. The patch was once flower bed but a bit overwhelming. Maybe it will just stay dirt for awhile.

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