Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sunshine Please!

I am no longer enamored by heat, but I do love sunshine. And it has been an awful long time since we have seen any around here. I'm sure it's still better than the all winter feel of the Midwest, but it is almost June and it has been raining almost every day, or there is the threat of it, or there are continuous cloudy skies above us! In spite of it all, we still walk every morning. I no longer have an excuse not to walk in the rain since we have adequate rain gear. So instead of getting any sunshine, I need to get some inspiration from the flowers and gardens we walk through. And they never disappoint. My husband thinks I am crazy - whenever I see a bird, or a squirrel, or a bee - they all seem like long lost friends.  He thinks I bother them when I take their photo. I like to think I'm just a Nature photographer and leave plenty of room between them and me. So yesterday was a lovely day for flowers, and insects, and birds. I have a feeling they would like to see some sunshine too.

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