Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Target Black and Decker, Room Essentials, and Threshold Stuff

Every once on a while we take a ride to Target rather than order stuff on Amazon. Yesterday was one of those days. We needed to replace my husband's winter blanket for a lighter summer one, get a set of white sheets for the new "monk's room," and replace the old run down coffee maker. So we found a couple of Threshold blankets that fit the bill. He picked the one with fringe on two sides and a neutral color. He uses it in the living room in the morning. He gets up at 6 AM! The Room Essentials polyester wrinkle free sheets were just the thing for the tiny twin bed. The white sheets off set the darker shade throw and they just feels clean. As for the coffe pot we were headed for a simple Mr. Coffee, but ended up with a Black and Decker. I was surprised when the five cup model was selected. I always thought the morning dose of coffee was a lot more than that. Turns out that was all he needed. The old clunky twelve cup model that no longer heated was disposed of immediately. We forgot to look for drink glass replacements and the laundry hampers were all too big for the slots in the closet. So another trip to the Container Store is scheduled. On the way it will be Crate and Barrel to match the broken glasses, and maybe lunch and a nice drive.

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