Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Union Hardware in Bethesda

We visited Union Hardware in Bethesda about seven years ago. The purpose was to find some bathrooom glass shelves and and close up mirror over the sink. Our son suggested it might be a good place for some interesting pieces. He was right. So yesterday we decided to take another ride to Union Hardware with the idea of getting some ideas for a bathroom remodel. The traffic around Bethesda is simply dreadful. It took forever to drive down Wisconsin Avenue. Once inside, there were many unique items that caught our eye. But I'm not sure we are in the market anymore for such high end pieces. I am more in the frame of mind of "please just get it done." I'm just not as enthusiastic about renovations like I was when we redid our entire Midwest house room by room. But we had a lot of help getting it right and it didn't require us to think too much - someone else made the suggestions based on our "style" and that was that. I think we have come to the one conclusion that we probably need to gut the place. But after that? I'm having trouble coming to any decisions.

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