Thursday, May 11, 2017

Westpointe, Haverhill and Sharper Image Heaters Bite the Dust

When you live in an 1890's building, the HVAC system is out of your control. The air conditioning and heating turn off and on as a building, so you can't heat up or cool down your space if the weather isn't cooperating with the switchover time. As a result, we have a few space heaters that come in handy for the times when it is still cold outside with no heating inside, and a couple of fans for when the opposite occurs. This spring has been extraordinarily chilly during the last few weeks, and the building heat was turned off many weeks ago. So we have been relying on the spave heaters to take the chill out of the air - especially when it's been raining nonstop. So last evening two of the four Heaters decided to quit - the one from Sharper Image that we bought ten years ago, and the Haverhill unit that isn't hardly two years old. I used to keep a small Westpointe heater under my desk at work because of the frigid environment all year round in the government building offices. That little heater keeps on going. Luckily we have another one that we keep in the bathroom that is working as well. When and if all else fails we use our bioethanol tiny fireplace that raises the room temp about five degrees. We never had to deal with any of this in our single family home in the Midwest. But at least I don't need the heat on here just about every day of the year like we did there. Let's just hope the fuses don't give way.

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