Monday, July 31, 2017

Apple IOS Update

It is difficult enough to update all of our own Apple equipment whenever there is a security or IOS update. But things get even more problematic when there is an iPad in another state. And so is the case with my mother's iPad in Florida. She has a cellular data plan and only uses the internet to download books and check email. So she has to turn the internet on and off or the data plan runs out very quickly. We, and most people, have wifi in the house. So we don't have to think about turning things on and off. But you also maximize all the functions on the iPad when it is on all the time. Her first iPad bit the dust a few months ago. That one was never updated and it didn't seem to matter. However, her new one requires updates as they come. I thought it would be easier to manage from a distance until I realized she doesn't have wifi. I tried walking her through the steps to no avail. Luckily, she has neighbors who do have wifi and they are extremely helpful with all of her needs - this just being one of them. So in the end I think they got it done for her last evening. I tried to explain the merits of having wifi in the house. Although it will cost more, it would be well worth it when you are primarily housebound. Think of all the conversations you could have with Siri. So now that I planted the idea in her head, maybe she will come to that conclusion. But until she can be shown what she is missing, I don't think anything is going to change. It has to be her idea anyway.

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