Saturday, July 22, 2017

Magic Sliders Come in Handy With a Murphy Bed

While the bathroom in our one bedroom apartment is being renovated, we are staying full time in the studio apartment across the hallway. That means we are using the monk's room (with a twin rollaway bed) that we just made out of our 76x78 inch closet, and the full size Murphy bed. We usually live in the studio apartment all day, then retire to the one bedroom and our queen size bed for the night. So we are getting used to setting the room up to make space for the Murphy bed in the open position. What makes it really easy are magic sliders. They are little self adhesive plastic discs that are placed under furniture legs that enable you to easily slide items across a wood or carpeted floor.  I just put a new set on one of the dining room chairs. This week I put a set on one of the foot rests. And in doing so, realized that the foot rest should remain next to the recliner rather than in front of the couch. It allows for an uncluttered walk through in the living room and opens up the space. It's also a cinch to move around with one finger. So now we decided to search for magic sliders that come in a size to put under the recliner - because that is a heavy piece of furniture and would be nice to be able to just slide that out of the way too. The little table next to the couch will also get a set, and perhaps the tray table as well. When you live in a tiny space and need to use a Murphy bed the furniture must be placed in the least annoying positions. These magic sliders make moving everything around so much easier.

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