Friday, July 14, 2017

Martha Stewart Dream Science Memory Foam Sleep System

We turned our 68x74 inch closet in to a monk's room with a rollaway twin bed in our studio apartment. The purpose was to complement the Murphy bed in the event that a full size mattress wasn't big enough, or a twin bed would be just enough. But we are having the bathroom in our one bedroom apartment renovated. So we are now living full time in our studio to avoid the dust and disgust that typically occurs with anything to do with an 1890's building room demolition. So I am sleeping in the monk's room and testing out the mattress. The first night was difficult, because the mattress felt quite firm to me. So we drove out to Macy's in Tyson's so see if we could find a mattress pad that might provide a little cushion. We came across the foam sleep system and decided to get a three inch topper. It was half price, but we had to order it on line because a twin size is never available. Wouldn't you know the next two nights I slept quite well - I was getting used to it. Yesterday the topper arrived and we unpacked it. The foam expanded from a compressed state to full size immediately. We left it out to "air" for a few hours, then made up the bed. So I tested it last night. I wish I hadn't read the reviews before I tried it even though most of them were most satisfactory. I'm sure it's because it was just another new bed that I had to get used to, but I didn't sleep very well. Let's hope it is better tonight and the next several nights to come. At least the rollaway looks more like a regular twin mattress. I hope it starts to feel like one.

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