Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Surrounded by People from All Over the World

My mother told me I learned how to speak Polish before English. When I was growing up I collected Madame Alexander dolls from all the different countries. I married my Persian husband from Iran. You could say I have always been fascinated with foreign countries and the people who came from them. When I worked at the Library of Congress, just about every language was spoken there. My immediate coworkers came from China, Korea, India, and Iran. As a nurse I worked with physicians from everywhere - Japan, Philippines, Egypt, India... the Macy's salesperson was from Pakistan; the staff at the neighborhood breakfast place are from Malaysia; our Saturday brunch place in McLean includes folks from Vietnam, India and countries in South America. The radiology tech at Sibley hospital was from China; my husband's haircut place is owned by Vietnamese. The gardeners for the condo are Hispanic, and the craftsmen renovating our bathroom are from Vietnam. My mom's neighbors are from the Philippines - they take better care of her than we do! This blog that I have been writing an entry on every day since 2011 has a readership from the tiniest islands in the Pacific Ocean to all the continents. We are so connected to everyone from all over the world. It makes things quite interesting, and enlightening, and fun. And when I have the opportunity to have a conversation with any one of them, it is always an enriching experience.

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