Saturday, July 8, 2017

Union Station Pastry

When it is hot outside we take out daily walk towards union station. If it's bearable, we continue on in the neighborhood under the tress and the shade. When it's beyond hot, we go inside union station. There are three floors to navigate and absorb the goings on of people rushing to work, those coming and going for vacations, and the employees. The basement level has a variety of food vendors. The main terminal area is where all the action is - ticketing, boarding, shops, and restaurants. The third floor is retail, rental car space, and access to the parking garage. We usually walk two to three times around each air conditioned floor. For whatever reason, when we passed the goody display at au bon pain this visit, the bear claws and pastry were calling - loudly! My husband has a hankering for bear claws. We looked at them, thought about getting one, but continued on with the walk. But we couldn't get our minds off of the stuff. So we walked around again and decided it might be a good idea to scoop up one or two treats. So we did, including a slice of lemon pound cake. I took a little bite, but my husband wanted to wait until we got home. Did we like it? Of course. Will we do it again? Who knows.

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