Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Victorinox Werks Traveler Dual Caster Luggage

We have a very old piece of luggage that is extremely heavy, is foldable like a garment bag, has two wheels, and falls over. We take it with us whenever we travel overseas. It has been to a lot of places - Denmark, Iran, England, and France. I have been wanting to junk it for a long time for something that has more room, is lighter, and has four wheels. I also have a carry on that has seen better days. The handle has essentially melted. Otherwise, it's fine. We use the smaller bags for road trips - one for me and one for my husband. We were in Macy's the other day to get a topper for our monk's room rollaway bed, and we gravitated to the luggage department. Everything is on sale these days, and Macy's is a good place for things like this. We already have one Victorinox carry on, so we looked at the black 27 and 20 inch matching set. They had essentially everything we wanted. So we decided it was finally time to replace the outdated and heavy bag. The smaller carry on bag could be used when flying to store all the important stuff. Now I will need to update the personalized luggage tags I made all those years ago. I'm not sure when we will actually use this stuff, but I'm glad we have it when the time comes. At least they can be stored as one piece out in the shed on the patio  - which really helps when you live in a tiny space.

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