Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Unexpected Surprise Package

We rarely get packages from "other people." I always know when to expect one since I do all the ordering and have an idea when it will arrive. So when the UPS delivery man knocked our door this week it was a surprise. It was quite a large package as well. So it was with a great deal of enthusiasm that my husband started to open it - as it was addressed to him. I asked him who sent it, but he didn't know or have the patience to look. I had an idea that it wasn't anything special, and I was right. It was from express scripts. What fun! His eye drop prescription cannot be delivered without ice when it is extremely hot. And since it has been extremely hot, the medicine was sent in a styrofoam container packed in dry ice. It doesn't need to be refrigerated once it arrives, but it can't sit out in the heat before it is opened. So much for a surprise package. We should have known better.

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