Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Capitals Parade Stanley Cup Champions

Neither my husband nor I are hockey fans. But we are DC fans and usually try to see most of the events - or people of interest - when they come to our city. So rather than go for our usual morning walk on the Mall, we decided to have breakfast first and then walk to the Mall in time for the Capitals parade. We weren’t planning to see the parade, just stand around the Jumbotron and see what we were missing. We had noticed yesterday that they were setting up for the event. Today everything was a sea of red. We thought about wearing our Washington Nationals baseball hats just to fit in, but didn’t. We arrived at the Smithsonian Castle around 1100 and found a spot under a shady tree. Most of the music playing was from the 80’s. I just kept wondering who was at work!? Finally the team arrived and was introduced after they played snippets of the final hockey games. Then we decided we had enough standing for one day and headed home around 2 PM. I’m sure it would have been easier to see it all on tv, but when you live that close to the action, you just have to experience it - even if you aren’t a hockey fan. 

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