Thursday, August 9, 2018

Sackler Gardens

It’s usually just too hot to walk the concrete Mall jungle in the summer which is why we usually go to the air conditioned Union Station. But when it rains, the humidity is lower, or the temps are slightly less, we occasionally meander over on our usual route toward the Smithsonian Castle. The gardens are forever changing and at this time of year one can tell it’s getting towards the end of the season as everything seems to be overgrown and wild. The excessive rain had an unusual impact on all the greens in the city. So as we passed through the gardens by the Hirshhorn, Sackler, Freer Galleries and the castle, everything looked rather lovely. It had just rained so the little drops on the leaves looked so refreshing and the light was best for taking photographs. My husband is probably one of the most patient people I know. I am constantly stopping - oftentimes without notice - to snap pictures of just about anything. Even the most boring bird gets my attention. Soon we will be complaining about having to wear all the winter gear to brave the outside. So in the meantime we will just enjoy each day as is comes - rain or shine. 

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