Wednesday, October 10, 2018

DC Halloween Decorations

On Monday we were in Old Town Alexandria for my husband to get a haircut. Before we came home we took a ride around town to see the Halloween decorations. One block of interest was filled with skeletons, spiders, and ghouls. It was “tastefully” done. Yesterday when we took our walk in our neighborhood, we came across a very bizarre sight - making us wonder if it was put up for Halloween or meant to be up all year around to annoy all the neighbors. It was simply hideous and tacky! It reminded me of a place in the Midwest - luckily far away from where we lived. It was an automobile cut in half, buried partially underground, that took up the whole front lawn. Who would want to live next to something like that? But to be fair, there were a couple of other places down the street from the ugly Halloween junkyard that were much less obnoxious. Some people have no taste. That one took the cake. 

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