Thursday, April 11, 2019

Embassy Auto wash

It’s been a long time since we had our car washed. The car has been parked outside since we bought it in 2015 because we only had street parking. We used to take the car to Splash car wash on Capitol Hill. We just moved last week to a brand new condo building in Virginia that has underground parking! It’s one of the nicest things that could happen for so many reasons. So we went to Embassy Auto Wash just a few blocks away and picked the cheapest available wash option - which was enough for the time being. Unfortunately the windshield is still covered in white dots and smudges that came from tuckpointing work done on a very windy day. I’m not sure if that mess will ever come off. So we watched as the inside of the car was vacuumed and then as the Subaru made its way down the conveyor belt getting the bath it so deserved. Now the car looks at least reasonably clean. Hopefully it will stay that way much longer now that it has a place to park under cover. 

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