Thursday, May 21, 2020

Criminal Case IPad Adventure Games

I stumbled upon them a few months ago. The Criminal Case iPad games are just plain fun. When I got my first tiny iPhone so many years ago I got hooked on these types of games. Back then, Big Fish was the app maker of choice. Once I had an iPad, it became an every evening entertainment venue for my husband and me. Big Fish games came with a price and have since disappeared - which is why I found criminal case. The Criminal case games are “free” - but they come with a lot of advertising. It’s tolerable - and now they offer the games for $7.99 without advertising. I have all five of them loaded on my iPad and we play each one until the points run out. The one thing that we have learned playing any of these games is that I am really good at anything visual - hidden objects, drawing, shapes,  putting things together. My husband is much better at anything analytical, mathematical, or intuitive. Another one of our favorite recent games was Murder in the Alps by Nordcurrent. But we have been waiting for the next chapters and they don’t seem to be coming any time soon. In the end it’s not so much the games. We sit on the couch together and have mindless fun. It was great before the hibernation period started two months ago and definitely is even better now. 

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