Monday, September 14, 2020

This and That

Sometimes there isn’t enough to write about on one single subject. When one writes a blog every day over the last ten years, one needs to be very creative with ideas. I rely a lot on the photos I take. Over the last six months it’s been a bit harder to get photos and come up with anything to write about, but when you put a few together a story unfolds. Because we need to disinfect everything we have been using ethanol mixed with water. We were using leftover shower spray bottles until they quit working. So I found some spray bottles on Amazon that could substitute. Now we have three bottles and are using one. On our morning walk the other day we came across a leaf with two tiny acorns attached that were totally intact. It just caught my eye. Usually one sees the leaves that have dropped, or spent acorns scattered about - usually not both together. On our balcony that faces west we see some beautiful sunsets. Lately there have been several. Speaking of balconies - some sort of interesting bug decided to spend some time on a pillow. It looked like a tiny grasshopper with wings. Yesterday in the park we were stopped dead in our tracks when we came across a very sick raccoon. He fell over on the path on his way to crossing over to the other side. Generally raccoons are nocturnal, and he was alone. We decided to turn around rather than face a potentially rabid creature. I hope the poor thing crossed over the bridge as it was a sad sight. So, for not having much to say....

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