Friday, October 16, 2020

Giant Grocery Curbside Pickup

Grocery shopping for us has changed. I never liked grocery shopping anyway. Since March we have been ordering on line to have our groceries delivered to our door rather than go inside a store. Primarily we use the neighbors Giant, but have also tried Instacart. What I like about ordering through the store is that store employees are processing the order rather than any individual who does the shopping which can be hit and miss. This month we decided to try curbside pick up starting with Safeway, last week Harris Teeter, and yesterday Giant. Each place has its positives and negatives. Harris Teeter had covered parking, my favorite angel food cake, and an app that you can request special items and make comments about specificities on items, but paper bags are used where we prefer plastic to reuse. Safeway has outdoor spaces marked, plastic bags, our favorite bread, but once you complete your order you can’t update it if you forgot something. Giant allows you to update your order, is only three blocks away, has outdoor spaces with signage that says no tipping, and paper bags. We had a snafu with Harris Teeter which delayed pickup for 45 minutes, but the attention we got was extremely professional from Simone to fix it. It’s also the furthest location from us. Safeway was straight forward without any problems. Giant gave us a case of water bottles that we didn’t order and didn’t have cucumbers, but the process was fine. All in all, picking up groceries works quite well and gives us an opportunity to get out of the house aside from our morning walks. It’s nice to know we have so many options. A new Wegman’s will be opening next month. After it’s been open for a while we might give it a try it. It’s rare to get everything on the list from any of the stores, but for the most part it works quite well. 

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