Saturday, October 17, 2020

Lamicoll IPad iPhone Pillow

I love my iPad - and IPhone. I spend a lot of time using both. But I’ve come to realize that it gets a bit burdensome to get it quite just right on my lap when I’m using them. I’ve always used a big pillow, but it doesn’t work very well. One of my fingers has a callous on it from having it support the devices all these years. I got my mom an iPad pillow because she used to read and it offered good support. When she passed away in February, I forgot to take that pillow with me. Since then I’ve been thinking about getting one. I searched for a while on Amazon and also generically on the internet to see what’s the best out there. Lamicoll sounded like a great option. It had three ridges on either side so you can adjust the viewing angle, was light, and had a handwashable cover. I ordered one in grey and it arrived this week. The most important reason I wanted it was for when my husband and I play iPad games every evening together. Balancing the iPad on the pillow and holding it with one hand was annoying. So for the first time last night we tried it and it worked really well. It’s the perfect solution. It also works well with my iPhone when I’m wasting time playing games before dinner. I asked my husband to see if he would like to try using the pillow for his iPad while reading all day long. He said he gave it a try but didn’t like it. He’s not very good about trying new things and typically doesn’t even notice that there could be a better and more comfortable way to do things. It usually takes him a while to realize something might be better. Let’s see how long it takes this time. 

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