Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teddy at Bullfeathers

It is no surprise that Bullfeathers is taking advantage of the Nationals Division win, and there is no better way than to invite Teddy to meet and greet. On my way home for lunch there was a sign out in front of Bullfeathers that Teddy would be at the restaurant this afternoon for an hour. Too bad it was a rainy day, not a lot of notice, and Congress is out for recess. In spite of that, when I went back to work, the crowd was starting to form, and folks were in line for the photo op. There were also a couple news crews on hand to capture the event. It seemed odd that Teddy was jumping up and down and not a squeak emerged from this very large animated puppet. Our grandson, who loves baseball, was at the game last night and has on his arm the wristband (that gets him in to one of the stadium clubs) that will remain on until the World Series ends. I have a feeling my brother will be doing the same thing. He played baseball, was drafted by the Orioles, and goes to every Nationals game. There is something to be said about it all of this. I can only observe it from the sidelines, and enjoy their enthusiasm. It's a special time for these two fans. And Teddy adds a special touch.

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