Saturday, December 1, 2012

iPhone 5

The ATT store in Alexandria didn't have any iphones in stock, so it was ordered on line through ATT. The phone was due to arrive the same day the hurricane hit town, so there was a delay in the actual delivery. I was hesitant to order it and have to set it up myself, but didn't have any difficulty transferring over from the iPhone 3GS. In between this upgrade to the new 5 my husband's phone was updated to the 4, because his first generation 3 was really slow. So I had a chance to get an idea what to expect using his gadget to take photos, etc. Now I've had the 5 for about a month and absolutely love it. The best part are the photos that automatically transfer to my ipad without having to mess with files. This works great for my blog and Etsy shop. Our collection of devices is growing to my dismay. But I can't help think about the practicality of having them. Getting emails from my 89 year old mother who also uses her ipad to download books, and having a FaceTime conversation with friends from Wisconsin could not have happened so easily just a few years back. If nothing else, these things keep us well connected. We went to the 1960 World's Fair and saw the first telephones with real time face to face connections, and were amazed at the possibilities. One can only imagine what the future will bring. My old phone has a Viking ship admission sticker on it from the Copenhagen trip we took last year. Wonder what memento will end up on the back of this new phone?

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