Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Natural Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Skating

In our neighborhood a new ice skating rink just opened near the Nationals Stadium. It is shaped like a canal, and already had a lot of takers when we visited it last week. There is a Five Guys hamburger joint right across the street and also a place to eat right on the premises. However, for most folks who like being closer to the Mall, the Natural Gallery of Art turns the fountain of summer in to an ice rink in winter and always has a lot of business. Additionally, one can enjoy the sculpture surrounding the rink, and walk up the street in either direction for more entertainment. Right across from the rink is the National Archives on Constitution Avenue. And a little further down is the Museum of Natural History. The squirrels actually pose for pictures right in front of the place. It is obvious that there are always a lot of options. In Milwaukee, there was a pond down the street that looked like the traditional Christmas card sketch. And you better believe it was the real thing. After all, winter lasts about 365 days there. It may look better, but I prefer the fake ice here.

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  1. Should be National Gallery of Art... But the squirrel makes it more Natural!