Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Neuhaus Birthday Treat

The doorbell rang at 7:30 this morning and there were two well wishes hoping to come in and hand deliver a special treat. I was just about to dry my hair while getting ready for work. It was a wonderful inconvenience to be greeted and hugged by our grandson and daughter in law. This is probably the most beautiful box of chocolates I have ever seen, and they were hand picked by our grandson out at Union Station where the Neuhaus shop resides. I'm not sure who is going to eat all of this, but I love it just the same. This morning's treat could not have happened in Milwaukee where we lived so far away from all our relatives. I do want it thank all my friends and family for remembering the day. I guess 12.12.12 will not happen again for another hundred years. Wonder what a box of chocolates will look like then?

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