Saturday, December 29, 2012

Southside 815

Trying to decide where to go for brunch on Saturday can be difficult sometimes. But today it was obvious that we should go to Southside 815 in Alexandria because it was rainy and snowy and this place is not too far away. Days like this unfortunately remind me of Wisconsin. We stumbled upon Southern when we first moved here. But at that time, brunch was not an option. It seems everyone is on that bandwagon now. It is but a short drive over the bridge, on to the George Washington Memorial Parkway, towards the airport, and down Washington Avenue just past Old Town. I can understand that in the city, like DC, the old architectural structures are tall, three stories, narrow, and cling to each other. It does seem odd that the same would apply to a "suburb." My understanding is that DC is one of the few places, aside from North Dakota, that had an increase in population. The number of new housing, apartments, and condos is astounding. Just before we reach Southern, there is a small condo complex by the name of Mount Vernon, and it looks strikingly like the original just down the street. We had our usual veggie scramble and pancake of the day. There is so much food there are plenty of leftovers, which makes it really easy for Sunday brunch - at home.

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