Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Empty Streets of Christmas

Yesterday I wrote about the halls of the Library being empty on the first day of work after Christmas. It was so awful outside I didn't have the energy to try a take a photo of the streets that were equally deserted. Bullfeathers was closed and Tortilla Coast had just a few takers last night. I saw a lot of folks packing cabs with overloaded suitcases making their way back to wherever they originated from. Today there is a little more activity. Someone decided the sidewalk needed to be ripped out again so the jackhammers woke up whomever thought they could sleep late. But from the sixth floor of the Madison Building it looked like a steel town in the grey windy morning except the landmarks gave the landscape away. On the roof of the House Office Building was a poor soul in a bright green safety vest checking on something. Off in the distance the National Cathedral is seen. Scaffolding still surrounds the site to repair earthquake damage. The parking lot of the House Office Building sits relatively empty. There is little to no traffic. I know this quiet of sorts won't last very long. But it still feels weird all the same.

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