Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Swiss Colony

Every year about this time a package comes in the mail. In it are dried apricots and such. I'm not particularly fond of these edibles, but my husband loves them. My mom has been ordering things from The Swiss Colony for as long as I can remember. And she never forgets anyone. Our two grandsons get a little something every year now too. All her nieces and nephews and their kids have been on the list. The ironic thing about it is that The Swiss Colony is located in Wisconsin. Even more coincidental, our next door neighbors in Milwaukee are best friends with a woman who recently retired from there. Even though I don't partake in any of the treats, the idea of being thought of is more important. I won't tell you what my mother just gave me for my birthday, but it totally cancelled out anything we just did for them when we visited Florida last week. She kept saying she would get back at me, and she did. She is probably the most generous person I know. I just hope I inherited a little bit of those genes.

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