Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Moon Over Washington DC

The last few Saturday evenings have been perfect for a walk about the Capitol grounds. Last night was no exception, and as a treat, the super moon was rising. Though it wasn't high in the sky, we got the idea. Though it wasn't really late at night, we still got the idea. We started at the Library of Congress Jefferson Building, then moved to the Supreme Court. We backtracked to the Madison Building - a place I hate to see on Monday morning, but don't mind at all any other time - and then down the street to our neighborhood. There is something about the old 1880 building landscape against the night sky. Who and what passed this way all these years gone by? But the most interesting view was around 2 AM. We stayed up to watch a movie, and I checked the moon once more. It was really bright, and eerie at the same time, and I was tricked in to thinking it was much bigger than it was. We were in France about ten years ago, and The Milky Way was within reach from where we stood. Our hosts were so thrilled about showing us this once in a lifetime event - and were annoyed that my husband just didn't get the drift. This was the case again last evening, but it didn't really matter. 

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