Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Women on the Steps of Persepolis - SOLD!

It's been a long time since my first art work was created with crayons and construction paper back in kindergarten in Connecticut. I've always had the artsy bug in me but didn't do much about it until three years ago when the iPad came out. Yes, I did keep a sketch pad of some kind along the way, but using the iPad as the canvas and a stylus as the brush makes it so less messy and rewarding! I have received a lot of positive feedback on my two entries at the Library of Congress art show. In fact, I have a buyer for The Women on the Steps of Persepolis. The cool thing about digital work is that I can simply send the jpeg image as an email attachment or print to size. I much prefer using the digital approach because I don't have to deal with shipping. That way, the customer can mat and frame to their liking, or put it on an unconventional surface like a coffee mug. My Etsy shop is all digital with custom order options. Who would have thought this little blue bird would eventually make something out of herself? And if someone else likes this painting I can easily make another one. 

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