Monday, August 19, 2013

Above Ground Modes of Transportation

Obviously there is a lot to see and do in Washington, DC, and the Metro is probably the most logical approach to getting from one point to the next. Over the years we have tried a few of the many above ground methods of transportation to find our way around. Many modes are suited for both visitors and locals alike. One of my favorites was a night tour we took back in the 80's. We stopped at the Kennedy Center, The Archives, and other notable places. Rental bikes and segways were not an option until about a year or two ago. Hopping on and off a sightseeing bus all day long or for multiple day packages abound in all shapes, double decks, colors, and sizes. The rickshaw approach is also a frequent request. How do they do it? We've seen whole families load in to these "carts" to be pulled by a lone driver. Cabs and limos are readily available. If you prefer a view from the water, duckboats, dinner boats, and other sea faring craft can be seen zooming up and down the Potomac River. If you prefer doing it yourself, paddle boats can be rented on the Tidal Basin. I know it sounds absolutely foolish, but I still like having the independence of driving in my own vehicle. I much prefer the passenger seat and leave the driving to my husband - just like a tourist. 

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