Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stop Here on Red

Just this week I read somewhere again that DC has the worst accident record in the country. A lot of reasons were given. Even though it is considered a big city comparable to NY and Philly, people around here tend to keep their cars rather than rely solely on public or private transportation alone. Case in point: Because of the narrow streets, buses have a hard time making a turn at a corner if there are cars waiting in the opposite direction...most drivers need to pull back to make space for the bus to enter. In order to avoid that maneuver, it is clearly marked with signs and pointed arrows that cars need to stop at the white line, several feet before reaching the intersection. We happen to have two of these instructions near our house, and neither one was being observed today.  I think the best reason someone gave as to why the accident rates were so high here is because people's just don't think they need to obey the signs, or red lights... The rules don't apply to them. It almost makes us think the Midwest mindset is nerdy to obey the law. But we just can't help it - that's us in the last photo, behind the white line. We haven't had any accidents since we moved.  

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