Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Celebrity is in Town - Pope on the Mall

Whenever there is a celebrity in town, we try to get a glimpse of them if they are in our neighborhood. And so it was this morning. We usually walk on the mall in the morning when I am off. Today was a bit more difficult to navigate because all the streets were blocked off, and we did not have tickets for the main event. So we followed the crowd towards the first gate opening, and took a seat on a bench near the Air and Space Museum. It wasn't at all crowded there, and the big screens were up so we could watch the goings on. There was also a climate change event going on at the same time, which was quite noisy and clashing with the pope's message from congress and the view from the west lawn of the Capitol afterwards. We didn't see the motorcade when we went home, and it was quite uneventful actually. We came back to DC from our Florida trip a day early to avoid the mess and the crowds. For some reason, this didn't seem as bad as they made it sound. Now I'm hoping for things to get back on schedule, although this was an interesting attraction. 

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