Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Flu Shots in DC and Florida

It was last Thursday and it was my day off. But it was the only day for flu shots at my workplace. So after lunch we came home and took a walk to the Library of Congress Madison Building. I went that way and my husband went to the bank to get some cash for our road trip to Florida the next day. I thought it would be terribly busy but it was empty and I was in and out in five minutes. While in Florida, I stopped by my mom's doctor's office to drop off a living will and get family leave paperwork processed. But I asked if I could bring my mom up to get a flu shot since she wouldn't be seeing her doctor until January. They scheduled her, we updated some paperwork, and were out of there in a few minutes. I was just glad we were here to think about it and get it done. It's tough living far away when your parents get old. So we've been visiting more frequently since my dad was in the dementia and passed away exactly three months ago. Now when we get back to DC we need to get my husband's flu shot. It feels like we just did this. All of a sudden time just flies by and I'm learning to appreciate even more every bit of it. 

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