Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lawtey Florida and Senators Rubio & Nelson, Rep Yoho, state rep Van Zant & State Senator Bradley

While on a roadtrip to Florida last week, we were on highway 301 passing through Bradford County. We ended up with a traffic ticket in a well known speedtrap in Lawtey. If that wasn't bad enough, after handing us the citation,  the police officer noted we were from DC and asked us - "you're not a senator or anything - are you?" Upon returning to DC I decided to inform Florida local and national elected officials about two issues: a speedtrap (which by the way the Internet is full of stories about it along with the neighboring city of Hampton that was cited for corruption for this very thing) and if there are different outcomes for elected officials. I was embarrassed and outraged by both of these practices. So I walked over to Florida Rep Yoho's office in the Cannon building, and after work made my way to Senator Rubio and Nelson's offices in the Russell and Hart office buildings on Capitol Hill. The same story was told, I left my personal contact information, and requested an investigation in to the matter to help us understand why these practices are tolerated. When I returned home I also wrote follow up emails to both Senators, and sent the same letter to state Rep Van Zant and state Senator Bradley. Now let's see who responds to this query first. Tomorrow I'll tell you which office staff on Capitol Hill was most and least impressive. 

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