Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Trains at the US Botanic Gardens

We visited the trains at the US Botanic Garden before we moved here. When we did move here nine years ago our grandson was three years old. That's the perfect age to see these sorts of things! Now he has moved four hours away to Virginia. But that doesn't stop us from checking out the display every year anyway! Rather than go on a very busy weekend during the holiday season, we visited mid morning on a day that I was off from work during the week - and we got there just in time! Right after we walked through the display, the throngs of school children surrounded the exhibit! Long lines of youngsters with mischevious laughter and giggles filled the air. The theme is different every year and this one had something to do with bees and the queen bee. The place was full of nannies, babies, oldsters, locals and kids alike. It's a wonderful and cheerful place to see this time of year - actually any time of year. We are really fortunate to be able to enjoy these Christmas events right in our neighborhood, during the week, on a day that I'm off. 

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